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    Posted on April 21st, 2016

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    For the past several years, I have been helping students prepare for the ACT test through our PrepStar classes and private tutoring. This spring my perspective on the prepping process was much different because my own son, a junior, was preparing to take his ACT test.

    First of all, he wasn’t all too enthused about taking a class that I taught.  That was to be expected.  He took our 24 hour intensive class, PrepStar Premium, which is pretty intense.  I told him that he was fortunate to have a mom that knew so much about the test, but I don’t think he looked at it that way.  I probably wouldn’t have either when I was 17!   However, he realized that he had very little choice to take the class, so he pushed on.

    With our Premium class students take 3 full practice tests to apply all the tools and strategies that they are learning.  Application is a focal point for the class.  Our online scoring system allows students to key in their answer immediately following the practice test, so they can get their results right away.  As a teacher, I am always anxiously awaiting the results of each student hoping for improvement.  This time, I was a mom too. I was very excited to see his score go up, and he was too.  I know how the ACT can affect admissions and scholarships because we have helped hundreds of students make gains.  Thankfully, my son was able to go up 3 points, which along with his GPA, will provide him quite a few  opportunities for college.

    This week he also visited his first college.  He can’t be old enough to go already!  I’m so excited for him because I know he has a bright future ahead of him.  Additionally, there is a bit of envy knowing that he will soon be in college because my  experience was so great.  Yet, I can’t imagine him not being home with us each and every day.  We have over a year left to enjoy him living with us full time.  I’m going to treasure the moments, big and small.

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