• Are you too worried about your teen’s success?

    I am a parent of one teen, with two more on the way.   I have coached teens.  I teach them in our ACT classes.  By no means does any of this make me an expert.

    Many parents, my self included, are way too worried about getting their child ready for college.   We want them to take AP classes, be involved in many activities, get outstanding grades, etc….   In other words, build their college resume!

    Many of these high achieving students are being pushed to the brink, just as our youth are in sports today. Fatigue.  Burnout.  Fried.

    We need to remember to help our children use their God given gifts.  They need to find THEIR passion.

    We know the pressures and responsibilities of adulthood that lie ahead.  Let them explore.  Let them laugh.  Let them be kids.

    Help them build character.  Keep a positive relationship with them  since you are the most important person in their life.  These will take them much further than any AP exam or activity.

    Do you think we are pushing kids too hard these days?

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