• How do extra-curricular activities benefit students? Part I

    The schedule is crazy.  Take one kid here and another there.  Pick them up in 2 hours.  Two events on one night that are miles apart!  Can you relate to this insanity?  Then your child must be involved in extra-curricular activities.

    Is it worth it?   Most often, YES.  There are many benefits to the student, especially in Middle School.

    1. Fostering Friendships:  Students spend countless hours together during a sports season, working on a yearbook or in marching band.  A bond is built.

    2. Organizational Skills:  Students who are involved in various activities learn time management skills that will be useful the rest of their lives.  They also learn how to prioritize. (Should I go on FaceBook or finish my math before practice?)

    3. Learn to Lead:  Even if they are not the captain of the squad or the editor of the newspaper, they are learning valuable leadership skills.  Most people in leadership positions in the workforce were also leaders in school.  Not just a coincidence.

    4. Grow from Failure & Success:  With each disappointment or award, a student learns a valuable lesson.  Sometimes this lesson cannot be learned in the classroom.  Practicing free throws for hours and hours and then making the game winning shot is a different feeling than doing well on a test.  It just is.

    Parents should encourage their children to be involved in activities (sports, work, community service, youth groups) outside of the school day, even if it means insanity at times.  It is good for them.  Really good.

    Were you involved in extracurricular activities?  How did it benefit you?  How is it benefitting your child today?

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