• Parent-Teacher-Student (?) Conferences

    The first round of parent-teacher conferences are behind us for this school year.  Yet, I find myself feeling a bit frustrated each year that they aren’t really parent-teacher conferences anymore, rather they are parent-STUDENT-teacher conferences.

    My kids want to come to conferences because they like hearing the good feedback and they are expected to be there.  I get that.

    I guess I’m “old school” because I would prefer that my children weren’t there.  The main reason I feel this way is because I think the teacher and parents have to tip toe around student feelings when they ask questions or share information because the child is right there on the edge of his/her seat listening.

    I realize that there are other venues for me to communicate with the teacher, such as email and calling.  Yet, there is nothing like face to face discussion.

    Don’t even get me started on the student lead conferences!

    Do you prefer to have your children at conferences?

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    1. Jesse Salonek
      Nov 29th

      I get what your saying Molly & would agree. It is tough to get real honest feedback from teachers actually whether kids their or not. People have become to sensitive. I of course don’t want my kids to be doing poorly in school or being a disruption, but someone needs to step up & let us parents know so we can correct those issues & help guide at home on the subjects the student needs help.

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